DIY Homemade Squid Game Costume

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Squid game is one of the few Netflix series that got attention because of all the Squid Game Costume presented in the storyline. However, only a small number of people noticed that these clothes were nothing but some innovative DIY project. Yes, you can make such costumes at home as well.

How? Well! Keep on reading; the forthcoming content will help you in this case.

All you need to know about the DIY Squid Game Costume 

The forthcoming content will discuss each apparel one by one for your ease

1. Squid Game Front Man Costume

The frontman was one of the cruelest characters of the series who wore a black colored outfit. So find the following things in your cupboard: a long black coat, a pair of black gloves, pants, and a face hiding mask. Now all you have to do is, put on each apparel in the correct order. Take the help of the frontman picture for this purpose, and you are all done.

2. Squid Game Doll Costume

The doll was the only character who wasn’t alive. He wore a school dress consisting of an orange upper frock with a yellow inner and white stocking. So open up your closet and find an orange dress, a yellow crop top, and a pair of white socks. Out on your crop top first, followed by the orange mid-length dress. Lastly, wear your stockings, and the look is complete.

3. Guards Costume

Guard costume is the easiest to make; all you need is a shocking pink colored jumpsuit with a black waist belt. However, make sure to choose a jumpsuit that has a hood in it. Finish off your dressing with the face-hiding mask.

From where to purchase 

You can even find such costumes readily made. There are a bunch of online and offline sellers selling similar kinds of products. Nevertheless, it is a risky domain. The same is why we suggest going with a renowned brand that has created goodwill in the market, such as squid game apparel.

Here are some of the reasons behind us recommending you to shop from squid game apparel:

1. High-Quality stuff within the nominal price range 

The store imports all its materials from abroad so that you don’t have to face any unease with the quality. Plus, no thief party is involved in the manufacturing or distribution processes. Hence, you get a great quality product within the nominal and pocket-friendly price range.

2. Quick and easy delivery

No one on earth would want to wait for more than a week to get their products. And we either don’t want to kill your excitement. The same is why all the products are delivered within 5 to 7 working days after placing the order.

3. Alignment with the original products

The store designers are efficient enough to create products that are the master replica of original apparel. En gözde ve şahane istanbul vip escort bayanları sizler için listeledik. So grab your hands on the offerings to recreate the look of your favorite stars.


To conclude, the above content contains some significant Squid Game Costumes you can make yourself. Or you can purchase them from squid game apparel as well.

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